Amazon ECS Now Supports AWS Secrets Manager Version and JSON Keys

Amazon Elastic Container Service now supports reading AWS Secrets Manager secrets with a specific version or from a key within a JSON object. This gives you more granular control to reference sensitive information such as database credentials, tokens, or configuration […]

AWS Online Tech Talks

Getting Started with Amazon S3 – AWS Online Tech Talks

Amazon S3, including Amazon S3 Glacier, provides developers and IT teams with an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. In this foundational tech talk, we will provide an introduction to Amazon S3, review the […]


Amazon RDS for MariaDB Supports Minor Version 10.3.20

To use the new version, you can create a new Amazon RDS database instance with just a few clicks in the Amazon RDS Management Console, or modify an existing instance using a point-and-click upgrade. See the documentation for more information about MariaDB […]