Inline and Out-of-Band Traffic Inspection in AWS – AWS Online Tech Talks

Learn how to easily and natively inspect AWS traffic with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring and ingress routing. Amazon VPC traffic mirroring duplicates the traffic along with full payload data, from elastic network interfaces (ENIs) of EC2 instances, and delivers it to out-of-band monitoring and security analysis tools. Amazon VPC ingress routing allows you to easily deploy network and security appliances, including third-party offerings, inline to the inbound or outbound Amazon VPC traffic. Inline traffic inspection helps you screen and secure traffic to protect your workloads from malicious actors.

Learning Objectives:
*Discover Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and ingress routing features
*Learn how to set up traffic inspection in your AWS network
*Leverage your existing monitoring and security tools for traffic inspection

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