Accelerate Data Analytics with AWS File Storage – AWS Online Tech Talks

Many customers use shared file storage to accelerate business-critical data science workflows using popular tools like MXNet and Tensorflow and shared notebook systems such as Jupyter. Amazon EFS is a fully managed elastic, highly available NFS file storage solution enabling data science teams to easily share data and drive faster analytics and time-to-insights. In this tech talk, we explore common challenges and best practices for migrating data science home directories to Amazon EFS including how to optimize costs leveraging the EFS Infrequent Access storage class. We will walk through how to get started and explore considerations for the future.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn why customers are choosing Amazon EFS for their data science file storage solution
*Discover the latest Amazon EFS capabilities to secure and backup your training data and model files
*Learn how AWS integrations with services such as Amazon SageMaker can help drive faster insights

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