Omnichannel Contact Center: Unifying Voice and Chat – AWS Online Tech Talks

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel contact center that provides a single unified experience for the agent and the customer across voice and chat. Delivering an omnichannel customer experience can be challenging for businesses because they often have limited flexibility to piece together a variety of products from different vendors. Amazon Connect provides a single routing engine which increases efficient distribution among agents and reduces end-customer wait times. Agents can also operate from a single user interface to help end-customers on voice and chat, reducing the number of tools they have to learn and interact with. In this webinar, you’ll learn how with Amazon Connect, you can build once and enable everywhere.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how to unify voice and chat in an Amazon Connect contact center for better customer engagement
– See how Chat can be used with the AWS ecosystem to produce a customer focused and agent intuitive experience
– Understand how customers and agents can experience a seamless async experience