AWS Re:invent 2019 – Rob Smedley From Formula 1 Talks About Using AWS to Improve the Fan Experience

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Formula 1 has been using Amazon EC2 for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate race car aerodynamics, achieving the performance of a super computer at a much lower cost and reducing simulation time by an average of 70% — from 60 hours down to 18 hours. With the CFD project, Formula 1 used over 500 million data points to study downforce loss when two vehicles race in close proximity. (A car’s downforce increases its tire grip and cornering speed and reduces lap time.) Based on its CFD simulations, Formula 1 has designed a car for the 2021 racing season that reduces downforce loss in wheel-to-wheel racing from 50% to 15% — and offers a more exciting experience for fans.