How Broke Free from Oracle – AWS Fireside Chat

This year, completed a massive migration of nearly 7,500 databases from Oracle to AWS database services, including Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB. As a result, Amazon has reduced database costs by 50%, reduced database administrative overhead by 70%, and improved performance of consumer-facing services by 40%. AWS databases now power Amazon’s largest and most complex workloads, including purchasing, catalog management, order fulfillment, and video streaming. In this Fireside Chat, we will talk to Thomas Park, an Amazon IT leader who was deeply involved in the migration. Topics to be discussed will include the technical and cultural obstacles to migration and how Amazon overcame them; the process by which teams decided the right database service destination and the steps required for each migration path, and ways customers can get started on their own path to database freedom. We will close with an open Q&A with the audience.

Topics covered:
– How teams overcame technical, cultural, and architectural challenges when migrating from Oracle to AWS databases
– How Amazon teams decided which database to migrate to, and which steps were required for each major migration path
– How customers can get started today on their path to database freedom by breaking free from legacy databases and migrating to AWS managed database services