How to Build a Compelling Migration Business Case Using TSO Logic – AWS Online Tech Talks

Migrations to AWS are a proven, winning strategy to achieve your strategic business objectives. Migration business cases lay out financial models allowing for comparisons between migration options allowing you to make data driven decisions. Developing business cases for migration to AWS can sometimes be challenging. TSO Logic is a free AWS service that helps you quickly build a migration business case. By using provisioning and performance data, the business case shows a comparison between running workloads on-premises and in AWS. TSO Logic also optimizes Windows licensing choices by using the data from your environment. Join this tech talk to learn how TSO Logic collects data and builds the migration business case and showcases findings.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how TSO Logic works, from data collection to modeling to interpreting outputs
– See a demonstration of TSO Logic build a real time model for a customer scenario
– Learn how to engage the TSO Logic team to run an engagement for your company