Connected Devices at Scale: A Deep Dive into the AWS Smart Product Solution – AWS Online Tech Talks

Manufacturers use IoT technologies in the cloud and on devices to help them create connected products that add or unlock new sources of revenue, help them better understand how consumers use their products, and create better experiences for their consumers. However, doing this requires architecture to securely deploy and manage devices at scale. In this tech talk, we’ll go over best practices for creating this architecture in the AWS Cloud, using the AWS Smart Product Solution as a guide. The architecture incorporates AWS IoT Core, as well as AWS Lambda for backend microservices, AWS IoT Analytics with Amazon QuickSight to analyze telemetry, and AWS IoT Device Defender to audit device configurations. We’ll also show how to use AWS CDK to create customized deployments.

Learning Objectives:
– How to get started building with the Smart Product Solution

– AWS IoT architecture best practices

– How to use the AWS CDK to create customized deployments