Using AWS Firewall Manager to Manage VPC Security Groups – AWS Online Tech Talks

In this tech talk, learn how AWS Firewall Manager can centrally configure and manage VPC Security Group rules across your accounts and applications. As customers grow on AWS, security administrators use security group rules to enforce a strong security posture on applications that span across accounts and VPCs. As the number of security groups increases, so does the complexity of managing security groups. We will talk about using AWS Firewall Manager to centrally manage and enforce VPC Security Groups across accounts, audit existing or future Security Groups for any misconfigurations, and detect any unused or redundant Security Groups within your organization. In addition, we will also cover different remediation workflows to take action on detected compliance issues.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn how to centrally configure security groups across the organization from day one

– Learn about the different categories of policy rules you can create to configure and audit security group rules across accounts

– Learn how to enable remediation workflows to take action on detected compliance issues