The AWS IAM User Credential Report

What is the User Credential Report?

The User Credential Report displays the following information:

  • IAM UserID – e.g. Adam Rathbone
  • ARN – this is the unique value given to your account by the AWS applications
  • User Creation Time
  • Password Enabled – this is to allow users access to the Console
  • Password Last Used – this is used to track when a user last accessed the Console
  • Password Last Changed
  • Password Next Rotation – if Password Expiration was switched on in the Password Policy this would show the next date a user would be required to change their password
  • MFA Enabled – this is to show whether an IAM account has MFA enabled.

Accessing the User Credential Report

You can use the AWS Management Console to access the User Credential report.

  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console
  • Go to the IAM console
  • Click Credential Report
  • Select Download Report

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