AWS CodeBuild adds Support for Amazon Linux 2

AWS CodeBuild now provides a managed Amazon Linux 2 (AL2) build image. Previously, CodeBuild customers had to use a custom Docker image, in order to build and test for Amazon Linux environment.

Now you can simply select the build environment to be “aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:1.0 “, when creating or updating an AWS CodeBuild Project . This new AL2 image supports polyglot builds . You can specify one or more programming language versions in your buildspec for your build needs. This is made possible by a concept called “runtime-versions”. With runtime-versions, you can also specify which major version of the runtime should be enabled for your builds. The programming languages included in this image are listed in our documentation .

Please visit our product page or the console to learn more about how to get started with AWS CodeBuild .