Introducing the new AWS Co-Branding Guide

Introducing the new AWS Co-Branding Guide , providing APN Partners guidelines for joint marketing with AWS.

This guide provides best practices for effectively communicating your brand alongside AWS in approved joint marketing campaigns.

In the AWS Co-Branding Guide, you will find different ways to co-brand with AWS, how to qualify for an AWS Logo Lockup, design and usage guidelines, co-branding do’s and don’ts, a co-branding checklist, and more.

The AWS Co-Branding Guide is for Select tier and above APN Partners with approved co-branded activities. To see the approved co-branded activities and how to leverage co-branded materials, check out the guide here .

Please also join us for a training on August 15th to learn more about the new AWS Co-Branding Guide, and check out the APN Blog for more details on this new guide.